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Liljana Selinšek

Criminal law expert, independent consultant

Liljana Selinšek is a criminal law expert, focused primarily on the fight against cybercrime, anti-corruption and economic crime. Liljana graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia). In postgraduate education she received her Master’s degree in the field of financial criminal law and after that she successfully defended her Doctoral thesis on economic criminal law. She has also passed the Slovenian State Bar Exam. Liljana served as the Assistant Professor for criminal law, criminal procedure law and economic criminal law at the Law Faculty of the University of Maribor (Slovenia) till 2010. While working in the academic sphere  Liljana focused an important part of her research work on the fight against cybercrime (especially on legal aspects of digital forensics, electronic evidences and related questions). Liljana then worked in the office of the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia (i.e. Slovenian data protection authority), and in 2011 she took over the duties of Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (CPC) a  central anti-corruption authority in Republic of Slovenia). Whilst a member of the CPC’s panel Liljana was one of the decision makers in all matters of content that fell within the competence of the CPC. Liljana has written several books and more than 100 scientific and expert papers on the field of criminal law, including on questions related to electronic evidence. To see more about Liljana, you can visit her personal web-page:




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