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Jeffrey Ritter

Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Univ.

Jeffrey Ritter is globally recognized as a pioneer in shaping the legal rules for electronic commerce.  In his career serving some of the world's largest companies at each new horizon of information technology, he has contributed to building the legal frameworks to enable persistent chasms between law and technology to be crossed with velocity and confidence. He worked extensively in the United Nations programmes to develop international trade practices, has testified to the United States Congress on the future of digital money, and has helped global Fortune 50 companies with complex information security, electronic signature, privacy, and cloud-based service offerings.  His forthcoming 2014 book, "Building Digital Trust", presents a new architecture for how to create wealth and govern our systems in a digital world.  He is currently developing and teaching new, innovative graduate school courses on information governance, cyberlaw, and policy at Georgetown University Law Center, Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering and The University of Oxford Department of Computer Science.  More information about Jeffrey is available at


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