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Cyber Security

When it comes to Cyber Security, Central and Eastern Europe is a region on high alert. The aim of this conference and exhibition is to bring together expert speakers, delegates and cyber security solution providers to assess the current threats that are in corporate and institutional networks and to discuss mitigating controls that reduce exposure to the risks associated with cyber threats and vulnerabilities. We make an attempt to strike a working balance between the sometimes opposing forces of privacy, security, and convenience. This conference is uniquely positioned to bring about real and sustainable change in the march towards successful Cyber Security practices.

Among the topics that would be covered are lawful and unlawful interception of communications, security on the ever-increasing number of mobile devices and social media, DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on corporate services and critical national infrastructure. Of particular interest in recent times are attacks on media outlets and banking systems. We will also discuss the political hot potato of alleged state-sponsored cyber attacks and the impact that it has on diplomatic relations. Last but not least, there would be a panel discussion on the use of Data Boxes, Electronic Signatures, and the security of long term archived documents.

INsig2 LawTech Europe Congress' aim is that you will leave the conference with answers to real-world problems as well as getting the advantage of testing out the numerous solutions that our exhibitors have available.


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